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Our clients have proved this with savings between 10%-15% annually.

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October 12, 2012

Latest Hydro lake levels are on the increase which means cheaper power !

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"Within a few weeks of us approving the Hospitality Association Powerswap offer to review our electricity and gas rates, a recommendation was returned with substantial savings. Powerswap gathered all of our usage data, calculated and presented all options and a recommendation, including the handling of documents to changeover to a new supplier. This resulted in a significant reduction in our cost price and was secured for a long term. Their service of 'No Savings - No Fee' was no risk for us.

In our opinion this reduction in overhead costs is overdue for the industry.

Adam Cunningham - Village Accomodation Group,

Hospitality New Zealand

"We employed Powerswap to review our group power and gas rates for over 10 restaurants. In total we reduced our expenditure by over $40,000 per year and fixed over a long term. Their reports were well presented, easy to understand and the switching process to  savings achievement very simple. This service is well overdue in the hospitality industry".

Phil Clark - Operations Director, The Nourish Group 

"We thought that all power and gas supply pricing was the same until Powerswap approached us. After their review, we were expecting 2-3% reduction, but instead achieved in excess of 10% on power and 30% on gas. Both supplies were for a fixed term. I believe there is a need in the hospitality industry for these supply costs to be reviewed. Powerswap were open and kept me informed through every step. All that it took was my signature and they did the rest, resulting in lower costs for my business.

I would encourage others in the hospitality industry to do the same". 

Tony Astle - Director, Antoine's Restaurant, Parnell

"Bakers Delight is a leading franchise group of independent retail bakeries. We began using Powerswap in 2011 when we trialled two sites. Our power savings were 20% and 29% for our two top sites and have since rolled out a national program with Powerswap for our remaining franchise group".

Scott Patterson - New Zealand Manager, Bakers Delight

"Race Incorporated operate Wellington, Awapuni and Manawatu Racing clubs. We have enjoyed a good relationship with Powerswap since 2011 where they successfully negotiated our TOU power supply contracts for our racing sites. In the last few months we reviewed our gas contracts  for the same sites and acheived reductions of up to 24%. With the recent power and gas price increases hitting the market, these costs are worth a review".

Ryan Ayers - CFO, Race Incorporated

Fishmonger New Zealand is a franchise hospitality group providing the freshest fish and chips across New Zealand. Powerswap have reviewed our main site providing 11% reduction in power and 19% reduction in gas rates. Other sites in our group are now under review".

Patrick Chandulal - New Zealand Franchise Manager, Fishmonger New Zealand

"Hell Pizza is one of the fastest growing hospitality franchises in New Zealand. We started with our Kohimarama site whereby our power and gas costs were reviewed by Powerswap and had these reduced in excess of 17% and were fixed for a long term. Other Hell Pizza franchises have joined Powerswap and have achieved similar savings, some up to 30%".

Mark Hohneck - Hell Pizza New Zealand

"We face ever increasing costs for our bakery business including labour, rates, raw materials and power. Powerswap have reviewed our needs and have provided power savings in excess of $11,000 per year. And have fixed these for two years. Unbelieveable".

Grant Wilson, Director, Maketu Pies

"Wanganui Collegiate is a large school with a multitude of facilities and associated power supply points. We had standard meters, as well as complex Time of Use TOU meters to review.

Powerswap analysed our entire usage and presented savings in excess of $25,000 per year for a three year term. This is a professional service that is well worth contacting"

Andrew Carpenter – Bursar, Wanganui Collegiate

“Powerswap were great. Very organised, very efficient and very effective at identifying super savings for the school. And all achieved with the minimum of fuss – no long questionnaires to complete to get the ball rolling! Based on our experience, I’d recommend you give Powerswap a go to secure a good deal for you.”

Kevin Faulkner, Executive Officer, Northcross Intermediate School

"With ever-increasing costs, schools frequently struggle to keep within budget.  Sadly the only budgets we can really control are those connected with teaching and learning – our core business, and the very budgets we should not reduce!

Powerswap assisted us to make some positive savings with our power and heating – savings that can be put back into teaching and learning."

Madeleine East – Principal, Farm Cove Intermediate School

"We are a decile two school where there is constant pressure trying to make scarce resources go as far as possible. The substantial savings in our electricity spend identified by Powerswap has now be channeled into teaching and learning outcomes, thereby benefiting our students"

Peter Yates – Aranui High School, Christchurch

"We are a commercial bakery where we need to constantly review material costs to maintain our competitive edge. Powerswap reviewed our electricity rates, dropping our pricing by over 14% and securing a contract long term"

Yaron Eliahu - Director,  Pita Bread Company

"Our school had an existing contract with a power supplier. Powerswap assisted us to review our contract and the rates by negotiation. The outcome was a saving of over $6000 which was a very good result."

Peter Ayson - Principal, Meadowbank School

"Pauanui Lakes Resort operates an international acclaimed 18 hole golf course, restaurant, accommodation and conference centre. We contacted Powerswap to review our power contracts and secured initial savings of $6000 per year - with additional $3000 per year savings with minor meter modifications"

Richard Ellis - Director, Lakes International Golf Management Ltd 

"Powerswap contacted us in 2010 and reviewed our power needs for our bakery manufacturing and retail operations. We saved 16% which equated to $11,000 per year. We did not believe the numbers and forwarded them to our lawyer for review. We both replied 'Outstanding' and accepted their recommendations to switch power suppliers. We have now re-negotiated for a further term with Powerswap and continue to enjoy the benefits". 

Andrew Fearnside - Director, Wild Wheat Ltd

"Powerswap managed what we had been struggling to do, to get a response on pricing from enough providers so we would have leverage to reduce our energy costs. And it was a relatively stress-free process for us. Powerswap seemed well organised, and provided clear and comprehensive reports to assist our decision making. We are now looking forward to our first year of saving, with high expectations" 

Mary Wilson - Executive Officer, Motueka High School

"When our existing power supplier came up for renewal Powerswap showed us that significant savings could be made. The best thing was that they did all the work and came up with the best option. The change over process was simple and extremely smooth."

"We got a good result without having to spend time doing comparisons ourselves. The savings made were well worth it."

Sandy Gwynne - Executive Officer, Te Aroha College

"Powerswap contacted us and negotiated a 9% saving over a 2 year period. They were professional and easy to deal with, producing a favourable outcome. We will be contacting them again when our other contracts come up for review"

Gordon O'Neale - Napier Boys High School

"In 2010, Powerswap contacted members of the APPA executive in order to negotiate power contracts for schools. Each negotiation was professional and simple, which resulted with savings providing a positive outcome.

During this process we also reviewed alternative powerbrokers. We now recommend Powerswap Ltd as our preferred agency to assist our Auckland Primary Principal Association members to review their power and gas needs. Please feel free to contact me further should that be necessary".

Iain Taylor - APPA Immediate Past President


"For our bakery business to remain competitive we need to review our costs on an ongoing basis. We did not think of reviewing our power until Powerswap contacted us and reviewed our rates. We saved over 20% in power costs by switching. They also locked our rates in for 2 years. This type of saving and service is something that we should have considered years ago."

Bruce Ingram - Bakers Delight Mt Maunganui

"While we are not a large power user - the $20,000 that we spend  annually in power across our Auckland and Hamilton sites is worth negotiating.  We had a target to reduce costs by 20%. Powerswap has achieved half of this with what we would describe is a simple and painless process - and it only took a few minutes of my time."

Bernard Pavlovich - CEO, Pavlovich Coachlines

"Great service!  Powerswap was able to provide an excellent outcome for our business. The first months savings were unbelievable. We wish we had contacted these guys sooner."

Jon Welch - Bakers Delight Avonhead

"We saved over 20% on our irrigation pumping costs which equated to $15,000 saving over the two years. The process to use Powerswap was simple. We received a very good result for our bottom line which is now injected back into our farm."

Dave Parker - Farmer