Switching your power business with POWERSWAP™ provides two main benefits:

1We tender contracts directly with the power companies for the best plan offering optimum cost reduction.

2We then secure these rates long term, offering your business cost stability and security.

Powerswap is an independent power broker that will ensure you get the best deal from all of the leading power suppliers

Our clients have proved this with savings between 10%-15% annually.

Make the switch today through us, with all of the leading power providers giving their best deal. Its easy!

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YOU should be able to choose your Power Provider

This includes fixed short term 1-2 year contracts, to 2-3 year rates.
All options are considered. We also use our expertise in determining when in the season it would be best to switch power rates (Winter Vs Summer).

The electricity commission has recently promoted switch of power retailers through a webite whatsmynumber.org.nz and powerswitch.co.nz which only provides an estimated saving. Powerswap goes further in tendering your power contracts in bulk for the best plan available.

How We Work

  • We use the combined power usage of large clients and negotiate on your behalf with the major power and gas retailers.
  • We consider all contracts in providing the best plan offering cost reduction.
  • We then present to you our recommended plan